Advantages of Leasing
Office Space

If you are searching for commercial property for lease in Albuquerque, you should consider hiring leasing representation. Berger Briggs Real Estate & Property Management is the real estate and property management service that Albuquerque investors trust. Since the 1930s, we have helped New Mexico property investors purchase and lease commercial real estate throughout the area. We specialize in helping Albuquerque business owners find a commercial property for rent that meets their financial and spatial needs.

Why Lease Instead of Buy

You want to invest in a commercial property, but you’re not sure if it is more beneficial to purchase or lease the space. This dilemma is one which many investors have. When weighing your options, you may discover that leasing is a more attractive option than purchasing the property outright. Commercial property for lease provides many benefits that purchasing a property may not include. Some of these advantages are:

  • Tax Incentives: There are tax benefits in any real estate transaction and leasing a commercial property is no different. When you lease a space for rent, you can deduct things like your lease payments, taxes paid on the property, insurance paid on the property, and the utility and maintenance fees you must pay.
  • Short-Term Leasing: When you purchase a property, you may feel locked into this investment for decades to come. Leasing is an attractive option because it offers the flexibility to cease your investment in the property after the lease has ended. If your business expands or downsizes, you can then move into a more appropriate spot.
  • Increased Liquidity: Leasing involves less of a financial commitment than purchasing a property. You may only have to pay limited upfront fees for things like the inspection, legal services, brokerage payments, and the security deposit. This leaves your business with more liquidity and less money tied up in assets.

Choose Berger Briggs for Leasing Representation

Finding a commercial space for rent should not be difficult. By hiring leasing representative from Berger Briggs Real Estate & Property Management, you will be represented by a knowledgeable, experienced expert in the field. We employ best practices when negotiating a commercial property for lease that is ideal for your business or investment needs. With the highest ethical standards and the best reputation in the city, Berger Briggs is your go-to real estate and property management firm. Contact us today for expert leasing representation.