We Represent Buyers

Are you looking to buy some commercial real estate for yourself or to invest in for income? In your search for commercial property to purchase, it will be a benefit to hire an experienced commercial real estate broker to represent you as a buyer. There will be many steps along the way that professional guidance will save time and money. Since 1937, Berger Briggs Real Estate & Property Management has provided trusted, full-service commercial property buyer and seller representation for New Mexicans. Our team of skilled staff and brokers are considered among the best in New Mexico and have successfully helped investors capitalize on Albuquerque’s growing economy.

Why You Need Buyer Representation for Commercial Property

Before you enter into a contract for commercial property, you should ensure that you have trustworthy buyer representation. Even the most simple real estate transactions are complex. Each step from the initial offer through to the final signed document can be tricky, especially if it is your first time buying commercial real estate. Thankfully, each of our brokers are well trained and experienced to be a trusted resource as a buyer representative. This is why it is our commitment to guide and advise you to make the right commercial property investment.

Commercial Real Estate Property Tips

Buying real estate for commercial development does not need to be an overwhelming experience. The brokers at Berger Briggs Real Estate and Property Management are here to represent you throughout the process. As you begin viewing properties for sale, remember these helpful tips:

  • Make sure the value of the property is assessed accurately and current to date.
  • Get your finances approved in advance of making an offer.
  • Allow experts to perform due diligence.
  • Check all local zoning ordinances to prevent possible violations.
  • View multiple properties so you can weigh the pros and cons of each.
  • Enlist the help of an experienced buyer representative to help process your transaction.
  • Do not rush into the purchase of commercial property for sale until you and your team agree that it is the right business decision.

Why Choose Berger Briggs Real Estate & Property Management

We want you to reach your real estate goals. Buying commercial property is one of the largest and most important decisions you may make, which is why you need reliable buyer representation. Berger Briggs is a prominent force in the commercial property sector in Albuquerque and we have a proven track record of success. When you are searching to buy commercial property, make sure you have the most trusted and reliable resources to make a beneficial, responsible purchasing decision. Trust the team at Berger Briggs Real Estate & Property Management for provide expert buyer representation you deserve when buying commercial real estate.